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Sarah’s Clean Team

We Make Your House Neat and Sparkly

Creating your cozy home feeling

Need help cleaning around the house? Leave this task Sarah’s Clean Team! We offer an array of house cleaning services to keep your home spic-and-span. Our team can take care of you!

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General Cleaning 

Light dusting of the following:

-ceiling fans/light fixtures

-knick knacks

-cobwebs removed



-window sills


-glass doors, pictures/mirrors cleaned

-floors vacuumed and mopped thoroughly

Kitchen include:

-all the above, plus,

-outside of appliances

-cabinets spot checked

-countertops and backsplashes 

Bathrooms include:

-all the above, plus


One set of sheets changed and bed made. 

To ensure that we are able to put the time and work where it needs to go, we ask that beds be made, that aren't being changed. The house will need to be picked up, and the dishes will need to be washed. 

Deep Cleaning 

-includes all the above, but with hand wiping instead of maintenance dusting.

All woodwork through the house including: 


-doors and frames

-air returns/vents washed

-light fixtures

-blinds and inside of windows

-window sills

-window tracks for extra cost

*Special attention to heavy build up throughout the house

Light Window Washing

Move-In Cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning

General or Deep

 Spring Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

Light Carpet Cleaning

No matter if you want your house cleaned weekly, biweekly, monthly, or one-time, just give us a call and we’ll do it all! Contact us to get started.