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About Sarah's Clean Team

Sarah’s Clean Team is a professional residential and light commercial cleaning service that was started by Sarah Francis in 2003. Sarah started cleaning homes in the Nashville area with a few cleaning supplies, a vacuum, some business cards, and a good work ethic. "Honest and dependable service" has always been the type of service Sarah has wanted to provide. 

Sarah’s Clean Team started growing and expanding in 2019, when Sarah decided to hire other go-getters, such as herself. These days, Sarah's Clean Team has come a long way. Sarah now has a team of employees that do the cleaning. She ensures they are professionally trained and through continuous education, they stay on top of how to properly clean every surface in a home and provide impeccable customer service. 

Our Mission

Honesty, Community and Hardwork

We create an honest job for hardworking women who put their heart into doing great work for our customers and helping our community. We love being able to take some stress off our clients so that you can enjoy their time and their family.

We are also so grateful to partner with the non-profit organization Cleaning for a Reason. We have been able to help many cancer patients in our community with 2 free house cleanings while they are undergoing cancer treatment. If you or a family member or friend is battling any form of cancer, contact Cleaning For A Reason and put us down as your cleaning company.

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